Light Body Symptoms

Light Body Symptoms

I felt that it would be very important to cover this

Okay, Light body the easiest explanation. The light body is your soul or combinations of all of your bodies Astral/ emotional/ Mental and such

Here is a few

1)      Sleep disturbances; insomnia, night sweats, nightmares, big dreams with themes/lessons, waking up regularly, waking up feeling like you didn’t even go to bed etc.

2)      Body aches, joint stiffness

3)      Aching spine/stiff neck/aching bones

4)      High levels of anxiety – nervous system overload

5)      Having a racing mind, feeling like you can’t do things fast enough

6)       Very ungrounded or having difficulty grounding

7)       Vertigo (dizziness)

8)      Nausea

9)       Head Aches & weird feelings in /around the brain

10)     Heart Palpitations and/or a feeling of your heart muscle being stretched, or someone sitting on your chest (you are going deeper into your heart & releasing)

11)      Lung issues / coughs & colds not going away / aggravation of asthmatic symptoms (this is simply old grief releasing in most cases)

12)     Stomach/Bowel disturbance

13)     Your body not tolerating certain low frequency foods/activities, that it usually can

14)     Vision Challenges (your eyesight changing day to day, blurry, not so blurry (this is you shifting dimensionally and adjusting, be OK with it)

Here are some of the sources

FAQ: Common Lightbody Symptoms Experienced During Astrological Power Portals & what to do about them.

Common Lightbody Symptoms




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