Divine Blueprint Alchemy

Divine Blueprint Alchemy

Your Blue Print is your plan, for this life, it’s the path and lessons you created to guide you, through life. Before we came to earth, we chose our parents and lessons we wanted to learn, Divine Blue Print is a manual or reminder to help guide us through life.

Kind of like a finger print, it’s your unique magnetic/energetic signature, it’s in every atom of your being weaved in through and around you throughout your many life times.

Most of us did not have this properly anchored at birth due to the process of our birthing.

  1. Fear, shock and the trauma that we experienced
  2. Chemicals that we are injected
  3. Not being in sacred space for our birth
  4. Fears and anxiety from those around us
  5. Parents/Hospitals staff unresolved issues
  6. Expectation on you at birth (Oh I wanted a girl and such)

A few side effects of not being properly grounded are

  1. Feeling alone
  2. Feeling like you don’t belong here
  3. Feeling lost or confused about your life
  4. A deep home sickness that you can’t explain
  5. Feeling that there is much more for you
  6. Unable to make decisions or to follow your urges

Some reasons why you should have this done are

  1. The process will help you align, attune and active your life purpose
  2. We will strengthen and clear your connection to earth and the cosmos
  3. During the process we will attune you to your soul self
  4. We will active your DNA to the highest potential for you in the moment
  5. This process will help you to remember your purpose

This is a very powerful procedure